Adding Value To Your Home

Argyle Estate Agents adding value to your home

There are many ways of adding value to your home, some more costly than others, but in the long term, they can really boost your property investment.

1. Structural Issues

One of the first things that surveyors and potential house buyers will check for is subsidence and structural issues.

This can not only impact whether you can get a mortgage on a property, but also drop its market value. While cosmetic improvements, such as new bathrooms or interior decor, can make a home look more appealing, you need to tackle any structural issues first.

It can be expensive depending on the issue, but the added value to your home could make a big difference.

Types of structural issues include:

  • Damaged roof
  • Damp
  • Cracks caused by subsidence
  • Rot in wooden beams or structures
  • Insect infestations
  • Unstable brickwork
  • Cracked floors

It is always best to get in a professional to survey any work that might need doing to ensure it is corrected properly the first time.

2. Heating Systems

Homes with central heating are always going to be more appealing to a wider audience than less-modern systems, such as oil-fired or storage heaters.

If you are able, updating your heating system can add a lot of value and buying potential to your home.

It also works in conjunction to improve the overall efficiency of the house, which is becoming more and more important to house buyers as sustainable and renewable energy becomes more popular.

Argyle Estate Agents adding value to your home heatingAs well as updating the heating, you may also want to consider the following;

  1. New double-glazed windows and doors to prevent drafts and heat escape
  2. Adding wall and loft insulation
  3. Add low-flush toilets

3. Conversions and Extensions

You can add value to your home by adding some extra space, such as another bedroom or a conservatory.

Loft extensions are very popular as they add an additional room to your home, without needing to extend outwards into your outdoor space.

Extensions and conversions do have a large upfront cost of course, but they can really add value to your home.

4. Decorating

Decorating is the most obvious choice when looking to improve your home for buyers, and it is also one of the most cost-effective.

It’s not just about giving the walls the lick of new paint; adding new light fittings, replacing old carpets, tidying up the garden – these small tasks can add a lot of value to your home and attract potential buyers.

A few of the more important things to consider are:

  • Strong smells – pets, plants or old soft fabrics can linger so have a good clean and maybe get some new items in to replace the old ones
  • Old paint and marks – a simple clean or new paint job makes a big difference
  • Unclean bathrooms or kitchen – a deep clean before viewings will improve the overall appeal of the house
  • Doors and windows that don’t close or are broken
  • Brighten up dark spaces – open curtains, add additional lights, or even add more windows to brighten up dim rooms

5. Outside Value

While tidying your garden can create curb appeal, you can also use your outdoor space to add value to your home.

If your front door leads directly into your lounge or kitchen, you could look at adding a porch for additional space. Porches can also make plain frontages look more aesthetically pleasing while creating more space inside.

Likewise, look to optimise your back garden with a conservatory, or sunroom. Or if you are pushed for space, look at a smaller summerhouse to create the idea of more rooms available.

If you would like more advice about selling your property or would like to request a valuation of your home, get in touch with Argyle Estate Agents today.